Research | Conceive | Innovate

We start at the beginning

Innovation in the defense industry is not driven in the same way as commercial markets. It is typically spurred by user with a challenge. At Carotank Road we understand the complexities of innovation driven by military end users.  With decades of experience with a wide range of militaries and countries we help innovators put the needs and challenges in context.

During this phase we:

  • Mentor Innovators through real world research and analysis.
  • Aid Innovators in understanding the full lifecycle of their products and how to maximize revenue while also meeting and exceeding end user expectations.
  • End User Needs / Problem Statement

  • Product Plan Executive Summary

  • Draft Product Requirement Document (PRD)


Requirements | Specifications | Roadmaps

Building the Foundation

Carotank’s work during this phase is integral with the product development process.  Without solid execution of the planning stage, the product development process can go astray.  We take the time to integrate all stakeholders viewpoints during this phase including; Engineering, Business Development, Operations, Finance and Sales.

  • Product Requirement Document (PRD)

  • Product Specification Document

  • Detailed Product Plan & Strategy

  • Product Roadmap

  • Detailed Launch Plan


Operations | Distribution | Partnerships

Launching the Product

The work doesn’t end for us after the planning is complete.  In fact, it’s just the beginning for Carotank.  We help guide our client’s innovations into the defense market space.

  • Exhibition Design

  • Exhibition Schedule
  • Advert / Media Strategy
  • Talking Points
  • Social Media / Email Campaigns
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Logistics Planning
  • Distribution and Partnership Development Plan.