About Us

We are a private investment company based in Alexandria, Virginia that supports actionable innovation and service companies.

Carotank Road works with small to midsize innovators and visionaries to create business ventures that expand horizons. Specifically we work with partners globally who have ideas and products that are needed in the U.S. market.

Our portfolio of companies is designed to serve as a domestication platform for foreign defense companies looking to expand into the U.S. Additionally, our portfolio provides a stable and secure production platform for innovators in conflict zones.

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Our Heritage

Our name comes from a small gravel and sand road on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. On the extremity of a barrier island, which has one main road, there lies Carotank Road. This small road is easily missed and ofter overlooked. However this simple road bridges the distance between civilization (conformity) and an untouched portion of beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Just like the road – we connect conformity with innovation.

We remind the world that conformity, innovation, and adventure must be able to coexist.

Our Companies

Defense Sector

Consumer Sector

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